Veritas Training

Learn to maximize performance and functionality
of Veritas NetBackup 7.7 and Enterprise Vault 12.x.

Veritas Training

Gain mission-critical expertise in backup, recovery and archiving of information with Veritas training from Unitek. Master the advanced function and administration of enterprise backup and recovery with training in NetBackup 7.7. Learn to better control, supervise and search archived information with training in Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x. Taught in virtual and instructor-led classes, Unitek Training provides real-time, hands on experience and receives the highest scores for student satisfaction.


Course No Course Title Duration Cost

Enterprise Vault

VERITAS-ev12_adminIEnterprise Vault 12.x : Administration I5 days$3,700.00
Course NoVERITAS-ev12_adminI
Course TitleEnterprise Vault 12.x : Administration I
Duration5 days


VERITAS-NBU2.6.xNetBackup 2.6.x Appliances Configuration and Management 2 days$1,450.00
VERITAS-NBU8.0adminNetBackup 8.0: Administration5 days$3,700.00
VERITAS-nbu8.0advadminNetBackup 8.0: Advanced Administration4 days$2,950.00
VERITAS-nbu8.0mtNetBackup 8.0: Maintenance and Troubleshooting4 days$2,950.00
Course NoVERITAS-NBU2.6.x
Course TitleNetBackup 2.6.x Appliances Configuration and Management
Duration2 days
Course NoVERITAS-NBU8.0admin
Course TitleNetBackup 8.0: Administration
Duration5 days
Course NoVERITAS-nbu8.0advadmin
Course TitleNetBackup 8.0: Advanced Administration
Duration4 days
Course NoVERITAS-nbu8.0mt
Course TitleNetBackup 8.0: Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Duration4 days