VERITAS-NBU8.0admin - NetBackup 8.0: Administration

Duration: 5 days

Price: $3,700.00

The NetBackup 8.0: Administration course provides the IT professional with instruction on the functionality of NetBackup 8.0 software. This course covers the general principles of using NetBackup to develop and implement a storage management strategy, including how to:
Configure and operate NetBackup 7.6.1.
Manage NetBackup using the graphical interfaces, commands, and scripts.
Provide service protection and recovery.
Use the NetBackup Activity Monitor, NetBackup reports, and OpsCenter to monitor NetBackup activity.

Upcoming Classes

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Course Outline

Introducing NetBackup

Configuring NetBackup Storage

Configuring Policies and Schedules

Performing File System Restores

Configuring Disk Pools

Configuring Media Server Deduplication

Configuring Tape Storage

Managing Tape Storage

Protecting Virtual Machines

Recovering Virtual Machines

Duplicating Backups

Managing and Protecting the NetBackup Catalog

Optimizing File System Backups

Collecting Logs and Diagnostic Information