VCMVIOSM55 - VMware vCenter Configuration Manager for Virtual Infrastructure and OS Management [V5.x]

Duration: 5 days

Price: $2,156.00

This hands-on training course builds your skills with VMware® vCenter Configuration Manager™. It provides you with the knowledge and skills to install and configure vCenter Configuration Manager, navigate the user interface, manage compliance, and perform administrative and configuration tasks against your physical and virtual infrastructure. You learn how to manage Active Directory (AD), create and use compliance templates, use vCenter Configuration Manager for patching, deploy operating systems and Windows software applications, and use vCenter Configuration Manager tools to download, import, and export compliance templates, and view and collect debug information.

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Course Outline

1 Course Introduction

2 Configuration, Compliance, and Change Management

3 Components and Processes

4 Configuration for Virtual Infrastructure Systems

5 Basic Administration and Machines Manager

6 Using the Upper Console

7 Using the Upper Console on Physical and Guest OS Machines

8 Using the Lower Console on Physical and Guest OS Machines

9 VMware vSphere System Compliance Management

10 Active Directory Management

11 Working with Reports

12 Basic Settings and Configuration

13 Basic Settings and Configuration for Physical and Guest OS Machines

14 Creating Collection Filters

15 User and Role Management

16 Job Management

17 Alert Management

18 Patching for Physical and Guest OS Machines

19 Operating System Provisioning

20 Software Provisioning

21 Using the Content Wizard

22 Using the Import/Export Utility

23 Using the Debug Event Viewer

24 Installing VMware vCenter Configuration Manager