CDOTDP 5 days - CDOTDP 5 days

Duration: 5 days

Price: $4,500.00

NATUs: 60

This five-day, instructor-led course uses lecture and hands-on exercises to teach basic administration of an ONTAP® cluster. You configure and maintain a cluster. You practice working with ONTAP features. You use the cluster shell and OnCommand® System Manager to manage storage and network resources. Become proficient with NetApp ONTAP SnapMirror, SnapVault, SVM DR, SyncMirror, and NDMP technologies used to replicate, restore, and protect mission-critical data in the enterprise. Backup and restore operations are taught using the NetApp storage system CLI and the OnCommand System Manager. The course also provides an overview of the ONTAP MetroCluster high-availability and disaster recovery software solution.

Upcoming Classes

Nov 12-Nov 16 Newport Beach, CA Enroll

Course Timings: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. M–F

Course Outline

Module 1: ONTAP 9

Module 2: Cluster Setup

Module 3: Cluster Management

Module 4: Network Management

Module 5: Physical Storage Management

Module 6: Logical Storage Management

Module 7: Managing Data

Module 8: Storage Efficiency

Module 9: Cluster Maintenance

Module 10: ONTAP Integrated Data Protection

Module 11: NetApp Mirroring Fundamentals

Module 12: Implementation of SnapMirror Relationships

Module 13: Disaster Recovery for Storage Virtual Machines

Module 14: Disk-to-Disk Backup with SnapVault Software

Module 15: SyncMirror and MetroCluster Software

Module 16: NDMP and Tape Backup

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