NETAPP-AOCMCDOT-REV01-CV 2 - Administration of OnCommand Unified Manager and Integrated Solutions

Duration: 2 days

Price: $1,800.00

NATUs: 24

Discover how OnCommand® data management software lets you automate, analyze, and realize the effective, cost-efficient storage management that you need to succeed. In this course, you learn about OnCommand Unified Manager, management software that reduces complexity by using a unified approach to storage management. In this course, you also learn about the features and benefits of OnCommand Workflow Automation.

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Course Timings: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. M–F

This course requires that you meet the following prerequisites:

Storage Fundamentals

Working knowledge of clustered Data ONTAP

Getting Started Series: Configuring and Using OnCommand Unified Manager 6.x

Technical Overview of OnCommand Workflow Automation

Introduction to Design Concepts of OnCommand Workflow Automation

Using OnCommand Workflow Automation to Create Workflows

Administration of OnCommand Management Solutions for Clustered Data ONTAP - Pre-assessment

Course Outline

Configure Unified Manager

Monitor the health of your storage infrastructure

Monitor the protection relationships and storage objects in your storage infrastructure

Use annotations to categorize storage objects

Configure thresholds, event retention settings, and alerts

Identify and resolve issues in your storage environment

Export data from Unified Manager to a comma-separated-values (CSV) file

Configure Workflow Automation

Execute built-in workflows for storage provisioning, data protection, and decommissioning

Schedule workflows for future execution and review their impact on resource reservation

Modify built-in workflows by adding approval points, by looping commands, and by adding commands

Configure Performance Manager

Use Performance Manager to monitor the performance of your storage systems

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