CS-WMUAPI - Managing Unified Access Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 (WMUAPI)

Duration: 3 days

Price: $2,395.00

Unitek Training's Managing Unified Access Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 (WMUAPI) course establishes a strong foundation in managing the full range of Cisco wired and wireless infrastructure using Prime Infrastructure 2.0. During this course you will also explore the Application Visibility and Control capabilities of Prime Infrastructure through monitoring and troubleshooting problems on the network. The course puts the user in the context of a realistic customer scenario, and covers every aspect of Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0's Lifecycle management approach. You will create Sites, Maps, Deploy configurations, perform device discovery as well as learn to set alarms and troubleshoot network and application issues.

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This course requires that you meet the following prerequisites:

Attendance of the Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 Essentials ELT training (available for free on Cisco's web site)

CCNA-Wireless and CCNA-Route/Switch level of knowledge would be of advantage

Knowledge of network management and network management terminology

Knowledge of wireless networks and wireless networking terminology

Previous training in or experience with CiscoWorks and/or Network Control System (NCS) or Wireless Control System (WCS) would be advantageous (CUWN and WMNGI courses)

Course Outline

Describe the architecture, licensing, migration capabilities, assurance, compliance features, and setup of Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0.

Identify the pre-deployment and design tasks in the design lifecycle phase.

Describe how to deploy device configurations with Cisco Prime Infrastructure.

Examine the different available templates and their capabilities and how to create configurations and deploy them using these templates.

Describe roles of operations workforce and applicable features of Cisco Prime Infrastructure.

Preform device discovery and configuration tasks.

Explore the monitoring and management capabilities of Cisco Prime Infrastructure

Create monitoring templates, and perform health and performance monitoring.

Use Prime Infrastructure to troubleshoot and perform problem isolation create and customize a wide range of reports using Prime Infrastructure 2.0