CS-SSFIPS - Securing Cisco Networks with Sourcefire Intrusion Prevention System

Duration: 4 days

Price: $4,000.00

Securing Cisco Networks with Cisco FireSIGHT Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is an instructor-led, lab-intensive, course that introduces students to the powerful features of the Cisco FireSIGHT system, in-depth event analysis, IPS tuning and configuration, and the SNORT rules language.

You will learn how to use and configure next-generation Cisco IPS technology, including application control, firewall, and routing and switching capabilities. You will also learn to properly tune systems for better performance and greater network intelligence while taking full advantage of powerful tools for more efficient event analysis, including file type and network-based malware detection.

This course combines lecture materials and hands-on labs throughout to make sure you are able to successfully deploy and manage the Cisco FireSIGHT system. This course prepares you to take the Securing Cisco Networks with FireSIGHT IPS exam (exam ID 500-285).

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This course requires that you meet the following prerequisites:

Technical understanding of TCP/IP networking and network architecture

Basic familiarity with the concepts of intrusion etection systems (IDS) and IPS

Course Outline

Describe the FireSIGHT system training infrastructure

Navigate the user interface and administrative features of the FireSIGHT system, including reporting functionality to properly assess threats

Describe how to deploy and manage Cisco FireSIGHT devices

Describe the various detection technologies used in the FireSIGHT system

Describe, create, and implement objects for use in Access Control policies

Describe advanced policy configuration and FireSIGHT system configuration options

Analyze events

Write and configure basic SNORT rules