Upgrades Coming

It is an interesting day here at Unitek. Looks like we will be upgrading our Cisco CCNA classroom quite a bit! Shiny new Dell PC’s as well as a tremendous upgrade to our CCNA rack. We had been using very current 2621 series routers but looks like we are to upgrade to 2811’s which is pretty darn nice! It is one heck of an upgrade for the Cisco CCNA training. 22 new routers at around 5k each… I’m afraid to do the math hehe.

Anyways I can’t wait to get into them, all kinds of new labs and topologies. It really is going to be fun, for the Cisco CCENT training I can utilize the SDM a GUI or graphical user interface which will allow students to configure most everything necessary through a few mouse clicks! For my CCNA it won’t be that easy though 😛 CLI or command line interface for them!