Unitek Education Instructor Wins Cisco Excellence Award

Congratulations to Unitek Education instructor David Morgan for winning the 2016 Cisco “Routing and Switching” Instruction Excellence Award! This award recognizes outstanding instructors who go above and beyond to create an effective and impactful educational program; tapping into their own technical expertise to develop a high quality training experience. And it’s not the first time that Morgan has won.

Morgan, an instructor with Unitek Education for the past eight years, is known for his CCNA / CCNP “boot camps”, a fast track program where students can qualify as a Cisco Certified Network Associate or Cisco Certified Network Professional in just a short amount of time.

“Our students are able to receive the full breadth of training and achieve certification in five days where other training venues could take months,” explains Morgan, who stressed the importance of the CCNA / CCNP certification when searching for a career in IT. “It is industry standard to hire individuals with Cisco Certification at the CCNA/CCNP level.”

But where some see a prestigious award as an excuse to relax, Morgan is interested only in his next crop of students.

This isn’t the first time I have received this award,” Morgan said, “but I was curious as to how this could be used to boost Unitek Education’s training reputation.” He went on to explain how “passing on knowledge to bright and ambitious students” remains his favorite part of teaching, and that his proudest moments aren’t when he receives an award, but when he’s able to watch his students succeed both professionally and personally.

He also included some love for his fellow instructors.

“Unitek Education boasts the finest instructors in the industry,” he said, adding that the program also “conducts training on the cutting edge of technology.”

Cisco Certified Network Professional Routing and Switching certification demonstrates an IT professional’s adeptness at planning, building, and troubleshooting local and wide-area networks. It also involves elements of wireless, voice, network security, and video solutions. The Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switch certification covers much of the same ground, focusing primarily on smaller or medium-sized networks. Both are considered among the most valuable IT certifications available today.

If you’re interested in learning more about Unitek Education’s IT program, CCNA / CCNP boot camps, or studying under instructors such as David Morgan, contact us here.