Five Perks of Virtualization

Virtualization is a broad term that describes the abstraction of resources (usually applications) into a single server, reducing operating costs and improving the utilization of computing resources and increasing IT team productivity. Below I outline my top five benefits of virtualization.

  1. Fewer physical servers. Hardware costs and their subsequent maintenance costs are greatly reduced when there is less physical hardware to maintain.
  2. Efficient data center utilization. When you consolidate the number of servers, you are effectively removing them from your data center, freeing up space in the data center that can now be used more efficiently.
  3. Maintain application integrity. Each application can be housed within its own virtual server, so updating or changing one application has no impact on other applications.
  4. Scalability. Once a standard virtual server is built, it can be easily duplicated. Duplicating an already built server significantly speeds up server deployment and makes your job faster and easier.
  5. Multiple operating systems, one hardware platform. Again, this makes your job faster and easier. You can deploy multiple operating systems on multiple clients, from your single hardware platform.

Next Steps

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About Unitek Education

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The Impact of the Cloud on IT

The opportunity for cloud-skilled IT professionals continues to grow. Global enterprises are adopting the cloud at an ever-increasing rate, and are only being slowed by the limited number of IT professionals skilled in cloud computing. If businesses are moving to the cloud, that means jobs are too: there is a 92% higher demand for cloud related skills in 2013 versus 2012. Are your skills in demand?

There are currently 1.7 unfilled cloud-related IT jobs, and 61% of hiring managers are concerned about the availability of cloud skills in the job marketplace. One of the top three reasons cloud computing positions go unfilled is lack of relevant certification. Do you have the latest certifications? Unitek Education offers courses and boot camps that get IT professionals certified, and ready for the job market or career advancement.

View our infographic on cloud skills in the IT job marketplace here: IT Cloud Impact