Microsoft CRM 3.0 – Split Commissions

No matter how you divide your target market among sales people invariably there will always be situations where you have to commission more than one sales person for a sale. Out of the box Microsoft CRM does not have any way of handling split commissions. So if you are using the Sales Module of Microsoft CRM and relay heavily on it as your main sales automation tool, you’ll need to devise a way to be able to split commissions.

Following is one way of accomplishing this:

Provide a “Split Commission” button in the action bar of the Opportunity Form of Microsoft CRM and make it accessible to the Sales Admin role. In case of a split, the sales admin would open the related Opportunity and would click the “Split Commission” button. A pop up window will collect the required info; percentage of the split, name of the other sales person, etc. Once the required info is collected, a clone of the Opportunity gets created and percentage of split, the actual split-ed commissionable sales amount and the name of the sales people are recorded in both Opportunity records.

When writing reports you will want to be sure to take the existence of the split opportunity in mind so that you do not double count the number of your won opportunities.

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Microsoft CRM Consultant