Resolving Multiple Default Public Views In Microsoft CRM 4.0 Using A Supported Method

Hello fellow Microsoft CRM 4.0’ers – today’s blog entry involves an issue that at least 3 implementations that I’m aware of are suffering. This issue sometimes appears when you import customizations and subsequently attempt to change the default public view for that entity.

In this scenario, I’ve renamed the “Accounts” entity to “Company” (a common customization) and according to the business requirements I attempted to change the default public view to “Active Companies.”

When this is completed we see two default public views for this entity:

Form & Views 1

There are a few things you can do to correct this situation including going into the xml for the entity or perhaps taking a trip into the metadata in the database, but to stay within supported territory this is an easy fix.

First, create a new view:

Form & Views 2

And name it ‘temp.’

Form & Views 3

Next – assign it a filter criteria, it matters little what it is…

Form & Views 4

…and you should have something that looks like this:

Form & Views 5

Next – set your newly created view as the default view for that entity. Notice that you STILL have two default public views for that entity:

Form & Views 6

Now you must publish the entity you’re working with:

Form & Views 7

Now, go into your new temp view to the “More Actions” menu and delete the view.

Form & Views 8

Finally, (very important) Publish your entity.

Now you should be able to go into your entity and set default views without ending up with multiple default views!

Happy CRM’ing…

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  1. Colin
    Colin says:

    Thanks this fixed my problem. The only issue I have was when I created my temp view I called it [000. junk] the to but it at the top of the list and it would not let me deleted it. I had to sent an other view as the default then delete this one and do it again this time with the temp view called [test] and everything worked as you said it would.

    Thanks again.

  2. mark
    mark says:


    (first, thanks for an excellant solution)

    Note: for me this would only work if you name the new view so that it appears below the offending default views in the view list – hence “temp” is a good name, “zzz” is even better.

    I found this out because “aaa” didn’t work as the delete option didn’t show, renamed to “zzz” and it appeared.

    hope this helps.

  3. steven
    steven says:

    You are a legend – thank you!

    This also cause problems with the CRM Mobile Express 4 client.

  4. Anderson Luna
    Anderson Luna says:

    Hey Guys,

    it also only worked for me when I renamed the view name from “temp” to “zzz”, Mark you really did magic on finding this!

    Thank you very much for the great solution!

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