Rescheduling Service Activities in Microsoft CRM

In today’s “Fast Food World,” your customers expect flexibility to meet their needs. As a result, most employees spend a lot of time in Microsoft CRM rescheduling activities for customer’s services. Being able to quickly change service activities means, for example, a receptionist who schedules and reschedules service activities every day, can spend time doing other tasks and your customers can be off the phone and on their merry way. The following scenario takes you through the quick and easy steps to reschedule a service activity.

Barbara, a receptionist at a local Tune-Up Station, answers a call from Mr. Mercedes. He is requesting to reschedule his service activity for his vehicle tune-up and oil change. He doesn’t care when; it just can’t be now because he has another appointment that he must attend. (Golf Tee Time) In Microsoft CRM, Barbara can open Mr. Mercedes’ service activity in the Service Calendar, and then reschedule him for another day and time.

  1. In your Navigation Pane, click Service, and then click Service Calendar.

  2. To find your customer’s service activity, verify that the Look For box is empty, and in the Type list, select Appointment and Service Activity. In the View list, select All Activities.

  3. On the calendar, select your customer’s service activity, and then on the Actions toolbar, click Reschedule.

  4. On the Schedule Service Activity form, locate the Available Times list to select a new date and time for the customer.

  5. Click the Scheduled Start time and then click Schedule. Remember: Do not select any underlined text, like the Service, Resources, or Site, or the record will open.

  6. On the customer’s updated Service Activity form, verify the new date and time, and then click Save and Close.

In just these few steps, you can quickly reschedule service activities to get your customer what they need; flexible service solutions. The easier you make it for them, the more likely they are to keep coming back; because in today’s world, customers appreciate companies that appreciate them.