CRM Reports; The Most Important Aspect of CRM Implementation

The three most important factors in being able to insure revenue maximization through proper management of your sales processes are:

  1. Visibility
  2. Visibility
  3. Visibility

You may ask visibility to what? Visibility to the measurement patterns that are created by the data collected through your Microsoft CRM Sales Automation modules.

Patterns that show:

  • What is the average # of days it takes for your deals to close?
  • What is the average Close Ratio?
  • How is every single sales person doing compared to these averages?
  • Who your star sales rep is based on their average CloseRatio?
  • Which sales reps need to be let go? Without this information you might let go of a good sales rep who is just hitting a slump. Hiring and training new sales reps are costly.

Without these kinds of metrics:

  • How would you be able to determine who is doing well and who is not? Furthermore, how would you define what does doing well means at your organization?
  • How would you be able to discover inefficiencies with you sales processes?
  • Let’s say that you do find inefficiencies and correct them, how would you be able to tell if they worked and by what degree? Even if you find ways to tell, how long would it take you to get this information?

Your Microsoft CRM system is a gold mine of business data and as with any gold mine you have to dig for the gold and then process it before you can really have something of value.

Reports are the gold mining tools for your CRM gold mine. Reports are such vital part of any Microsoft CRM implementation that I would venture to say that it should be the first thing you start with when planning for your implementation. First thing is to know what types of report you would want to get out of the system. Keep in mind that even though Microsoft CRM collects lots of data, it does not collect all of the data that you might need to provide you the ultimate visibility that you would like to have. So by deciding what kind of reports you need a head of time, you will be able to insure that all the data needed for the report is collected.

We are going to have a free 3 hour Microsoft CRM Reporting live web clinic in the next couple of months. If you are interested in participating please contact us.

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