A CRM Christmas

Twas the weeks before release date and all thru the land, not a user was stirring not even for spam. The keyboards were hung on the desk with great care, In hopes that 4.0 would soon be there The CRM administrators were nestled all sung in their beds, While visions of better workflow danced in […]

Tips For Making Microsoft CRM 3.0’s Advance Find User Friendly

The recommendations that follow are among some of the first suggestions I make to my customers in order to make using Microsoft CRM 3.0 easier for their users. While the recommended customizations are simple and easy to implement, they contribute greatly toward making the Microsoft CRM easier to use and can potentially have big payoffs […]

Rescheduling Service Activities in Microsoft CRM

In today’s “Fast Food World,” your customers expect flexibility to meet their needs. As a result, most employees spend a lot of time in Microsoft CRM rescheduling activities for customer’s services. Being able to quickly change service activities means, for example, a receptionist who schedules and reschedules service activities every day, can spend time doing […]

Using Hidden Fields In Workflow

There are times that we need to access and use data in CRM that we don’t want the users to see. For example we might want to make sure a Contact entity item enters a particular Workflow only once. This can be a tricky proposition when you have Contacts that need to be in Workflow […]

Auto-formatting Phone Numbers in Microsoft CRM

While teaching a custom Microsoft CRM 3.0 class for a company, I had a number of students who were asking me about the phone number format in the Account and Contact forms. The issue is that Microsoft CRM accepts multiple formats including dashes, parenthesis and other format combinations and variations. The ability to auto-format various […]

Microsoft CRM 3.0 – Split Commissions

No matter how you divide your target market among sales people invariably there will always be situations where you have to commission more than one sales person for a sale. Out of the box Microsoft CRM does not have any way of handling split commissions. So if you are using the Sales Module of Microsoft […]

How To Add Zip Code Lookup Functionality

Many customer relationship applications provide the users an automated process to populate City & State after the user enters a Zip Code, but CRM sadly does not. If your business needs this functionality the following tutorial was written with you in mind. Using the following methods, we’ll add a new entity in CRM, populate it […]

How To Add The Contact Phone # To The Form Title Bar

Here’s an easy to implement customization that can save users time & clicks. We’re going to force CRM to put a Contacts phone number in the form Title bar, enabling users to view History, Activities, Opportunities, etc., all the while having a view of the phone number:

Convenient Reports In The Navigation Bar

Reporting is a vital portion of CRM that is often overlooked. Many reports are needed on a regular basis by CRM users and if we stick with the pre-defined methods, users must go to the Reports section of CRM. We’ve implemented a more user friendly method that you too may like. We design and deploy […]