Microsoft CRM 4.0 Upgrade – Not What We Envisioned

After doing a number of upgrades of Microsoft CRM 3.0 to CRM 4.0, which went off without a hitch, one of our customers was anxious to get their system on the newest platform. This customer had a number of customizations and 3rd party add-ons that we needed to plan for. The customizations fell into the category of both “supported” and “unsupported”. The 3rd party software was from a well known vendor who had updated their products to support Microsoft CRM 4.0. Things were looking good!

After carefully backing up servers and also making disc images, we began the upgrade process. The story gets ugly at this point…

The customer had about 40,000 items in Workflow. Each and every one of these needed to be upgraded. This process took about 18 hours! But it finally did complete and we breathed a sigh of relief. “At least it finished!”

Next we worked on the unsupported customizations, mostly Jscripts. These were fairly easy as we knew exactly what we needed to change.

“We’re cooking now!”

Now we installed the 3rd party add-on software. This was accomplished fairly easily, even though the install documentation often referred to CRM 3.0 and directories within 3.0. But the upgrade did complete and the functionality seemed to be working.

Finally it’s time to install the Microsoft CRM 4.0 Outlook client. And now we come to a screeching halt.

No errors during install but not a single client can get CRM functionality! How can this be?

During the conversation with Microsoft Dynamics support, they asked if we had installed any products from the 3rd party vendor, mentioned earlier. Yes we have, but how can that effect the Outlook client?

No real explanation was given but Microsoft says they are working on a fix with the 3rd party vendor.

Thankfully we had backup images of the CRM 3.0 server and SQL server so the retro-grade wasn’t nearly as painful as the upgrade attempt!

How did your Microsoft CRM 3.0 to CRM 4.0 upgrade go?

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  1. Richard Moore
    Richard Moore says:

    Who was the 3rd party? I am having a problem with CRM 4.0 Outlook client on terminal server that started after a will know and commonly installed 3rd party product was installed. Please email your reply if you do not want to public expose the 3rd party software. Thanks..

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