Microsoft Acronyms

Now there are three reasons to attend the Unitek 5-day: Updating Your MCSE / MCSA Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 Boot Camp.

1. Review of Server 2003 and “What’s new or changed in Server 2008”
2. Get recertified as a Server 2008 MCTS with one “not as challenging as 2003” Server 2008 exam – one exam for a “triple” MCTS.
3. Become an expert with Microsoft acronyms.

Yes folks. It’s all about the acronyms. Before, you were an expert if you knew all the Microsoft acronyms. Now, the experts have to know how many meanings the same acronym has. SUA, for example, has at least three!

Even the Microsoft official TLA (Three Letter Acronym) Resource can’t keep up.

RDC SUA NLA NAS RAP WSS ACT CCS … – all have double (or more) meanings and to understand NAC vs. NAP, one would need to be comfortable with: NAC, NAD, NAS, NAP, NAQ, NAT (plus the NPS/IAS thing) – tough even when some have a single meaning.

Here’s are a few examples of what exactly I’m talking about.

Remote Desktop Connection
Remote Differential Compression, part of DFS

Standard User Account
Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications
Standard User Analyzer tool, part of ACT (either Application Compatibility Toolkit or Application Center Test)

Network Level Authentication
Network Location Awareness

Network Access Server
Network Attached Storage

Resource Allocation Policy
Resource Authorization Policy

Windows Storage Server
Windows SharePoint Services

Application Compatibility Toolkit
Application Center Test

Computer Cluster Server
Current Control Set

It’s worth attending just to find out that a BLOB isn’t really a Binary Large OBject, as you’ve been taught.
And be one of the first to learn the answer to: What’s a Vocsproot (clue: vOCSProot)? – correctly pronounced with a German accent…