How Citrix Fits into Hybrid Cloud

How Citrix Fits into Hybrid Cloud

Citrix executive defines user-centric vision

Appearing on SiliconANGLE TV, Morgan Gerhart, senior director of products for Citrix’s cloud and networking business,  offered his thoughts on where Citrix fits in the emerging hybrid cloud environment.

“What we try to do at Citrix is make the deployment and configuration of our stack as transparent as possible regardless of whether it’s running on-premise or in AWS [Amazon Web Services] because IT professionals shouldn’t have to do things fundamentally different to invoke AWS,” Gerhart said. Citrix’s goal, Gerhart noted, is to make AWS look like a natural extension of its customers’ data centers rather than just another silo.

The interview took place at’s recent re:Invent summit and was reported in siliconANGLE by Maria Deutscher.

Citrix NetScaler is central to the company’s cloud strategy, “providing a common interface for managing demand that allows organizations to handle an application running on AWS no differently than if it were deployed on-premise,” Deutscher writes. Users can also also move NetScaler-backed workloads outside the data center with minimal tweaking.

“What’s driving us is the concept of the software-defined workplace, which is fundamentally built around the fact that when a user is accessing an application today, they’re going to be accessing that application from at least three devices over the course of the day,” Gerhard said. “Ultimately, it’s not a technology conversation, it’s a user-centric one.”