VDBP51 – VMware View:Design Best Practices

This course presents a methodology for designing a VMware&read; Viewâ„¢ solution for the VMware vSphere&read; infrastructure. The design methodology includes recommendations for the type of information and data that must be gathered and analyzed to make sound design decisions for client systems, desktop options, the vSphere infrastructure, and View components.
VMware best practices are presented during each phase of the design process. You will work with other participants to design a View solution for a real-world project.

VDFT51 – VMware View: Desktop Fast Track v5.1

This fast-paced, extended-hours training course includes the content of the following courses:
VMware View: Install, Configure, Manage
VMware View: Design Best Practices
This hands-on training course builds your skills in the VMware® View™ suite: VMware® View Manager™, VMware® View Composer™, and VMware® ThinApp®. The course provides applications-oriented administrators with the knowledge and skills to virtualize Windows applications with ThinApp and to choose the best deployment and updating processes for their environment. The course also presents a methodology for analyzing and designing a View solution for the VMware® vSphere® infrastructure.
The course is based on View 5.1 and ThinApp 4.6. When delivered by VMware directly, the course includes a prepaid voucher for the VMware Certified Professional 5 – Desktop examination.

VICM6 – Horizon (with View): Install, Configure, Manage V6.0

VMware Horizonâ„¢ 6 (with View) delivers virtualized and remote desktops and applications through a single platform and supports end users with access to all of their Windows and online resources through one unified workspace
This hands-on training course builds your skills in installing, configuring, and managing the Horizon™ View™ component of VMware Horizon™. Students gain practical experience with these concepts through the completion of hands-on labs. View includes: VMware View® Manager™, VMware View® Composer™, and View security server. This course is based on the Horizon 6 release.

VMICM5 – VMware Mirage: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.0]

This hands-on training course provides students with skills that they need to deploy a unified image management system using VMware Mirageâ„¢. After installing Mirage 5.0, students learn how to configure security, manage images, perform a Windows migration, set up endpoint protection, and perform various management functions.