Convenient Reports In The Navigation Bar

Reporting is a vital portion of CRM that is often overlooked. Many reports are needed on a regular basis by CRM users and if we stick with the pre-defined methods, users must go to the Reports section of CRM.

We’ve implemented a more user friendly method that you too may like. We design and deploy our SRS reports in Visual Studio.

Once deployed we modify the Site Map, adding links to the reports on the CRM main navigation bar. Since we’re using Site Map, we can put the same link in multiple sub-sections like Workplace and Sales. With a single click, the report opens in CRM’s main window.

Our customers love this easy method for reporting!

More… Below is a sample of the XML code we used. Export your Site Map from the Customization area in your CRM system. Just add the code along with your report server and your desired report to the section of the Navigation Bar that you desire. The Site Map is divided into the following areas: Workplace”=Work Place Area, “SFA” = Sales Area, “MA”= Marketing Area and “CS” is the Service Area. After adding the code to the areas you desire, import your newly changed Site Map back into your CRM system.

<SubArea Id=”Your Report” Icon=”/_imgs/your report icon.gif” Url=”http://Your Report Server.aspx?/Your Report Name/ ” Client=”Web,OutlookWorkstationClient” AvailableOffline=”false” Title=”Your Navigation Report Label” />

Good luck and let us know if you need any additional help with any of your Microsoft CRM projects.

The Unitek CRM Team