Unitek’s New Free Microsoft CRM Add-On!

Unitek’s Microsoft CRM Training Team periodically supplies FREE, useful tools for the CRM community! There is no charge to download and use these tools, either for yourself or your clients, but we do require that you complete a simple contact information form so that we can track the popularity and use of the specific tools.

We developed a method that gives users the ability to search Leads and Contacts simultaneously, with a single search. And as is our way, we want to share with the rest of the CRM community.

Here’s how it works.
Download your FREE CRM Add-On

We are interested in hearing your input on the Add-On, please feel free to comment below.

What other Microsoft CRM Add-On’s would you like to download?

Unitek’s New Free Microsoft CRM Add-on!

Unitek’s Microsoft CRM Training Team is pleased to announce that we have a new product for CRM 4.0 that we’re giving away! The add-on, Quick Activity, can be downloaded from our site here: Unitek Microsoft CRM Add-On

Quick Activity allows users to add History records with just a couple of clicks. It’s a nice alternative to the existing CRM activity, saving a few clicks per activity and quite a few clicks per day!

Come back to our blog soon and we’ll provide you another method of using the Quick Activity from the entity grid. This will let you create history records for an item without actually opening the record!