IT Hiring Is Up; 10 Hottest Skills for 2015

Top IT Careers 2015

IT Hiring Is Up; 10 Hottest Skills for 2015

Tech support, programming high on list         

“November was a good month for hiring in general and IT hiring in particular,” writes Patrick Thibodeau on According to Foote Associates, an IT labor analyst and research firm, IT added 17,300 jobs in November, compared to 12,900 in October.

Employers are “systematically replacing consultants with full-timers,” says David Foote of Foote Associates, searching in particular for “people with business and technical skills, analysts, architects and software engineers.”

Another article on took a deeper look at the IT skills that

will be most in demand heading into 2015, based on feedback from 194 IT executives.

In a repeat from a similar survey last year, the IT skill that topped most wish lists was programming/application development. Forty-eight percent of survey respondents said they plan to hire for those skills in the next 12 months.

Next was project management, which analysts said is crucial in order to be able to execute on the backlog of complex technical initiatives that enterprises had back-burnered because of the recession.

The Computerworld 2015 Forecast Survey also listed the following skill sets, in descending order:

Help desk/technical support  “Demand for this position is a function of growth,” explained one analyst.

Security/compliance governance  –  Security breaches can be devastating and make for lurid headlines. Demand is high for those who can protect an enterprise’s digital assets.

Web development

Database administration  Big Data has given us the ability to crunch massive sets of data, but “you still need to understand how your database has been put together,” said an analyst.

Business intelligence/analytics

Mobile applications and device management

Networking   Robert Half International reports that 57% of U.S. technology executives said network administration tops the list of skills needed in their organizations.

Big data