CallManager CCVP Training

We just started teaching the new Cisco CallManager CCVP Training classes back in April, and I must say: they are quite awesome. I think they do a pretty fantastic job in preparing you for Cisco CCVP or CCIE Training classes (even though Cisco CCIE uses CallManager4, the concepts taught in the classes are great prep for the CCIE track).

Expect to come to the Cisco CIPT 1 v6 class and have a nice introduction to the CallManager world.

Then sit through the Cisco CIPT2 v6 class, and hit the road running. You get to do a monster lab on the first day.  Basically, you configure up a complete dial plan with Search Spaces and Partitions and Gateways at different sites. It really ties together the concepts taught in the CIPT1 v6 class, and then builds on them from there. Good job Cisco!!!

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  1. GV
    GV says:

    I know of a really good resource for anyone taking these classes to prepare for Cisco Certification. They have a learning network online now where you can discuss various topics with other IT professionals and share information. They also have a “certification spotlight” that goes through all the different specializations. It seems like should be a great learning tool for people of all experience levels. There’s a “technology spotlight” for instance, which covers all the latest technologies.

    Check it out:

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