CallManager 5 Exams: Still Valid?

I’m getting a lot of emails and calls lately with people asking about the old CallManager 5 exams and whether they are still valid.

So to prevent all of you from calling or emailing me, let me clarify: Cisco has not wiped out all the old exams just yet. They will remain valid until the last week of July.

Consequentially, that means it’s still not too late to get take the CallManager Version 4, 5, or 6 exams by attending a CCVP Training course like the ones offered at Unitek.

However, don’t forget though that to gain the CCVP Cisco Certification you must first have CCNA. Attendance of CCENT Training or CCNA Training is highly recommended as even if you pass the exams leading to CCVP Cisco Certification, you will not be accredited with the CCVP until you have also gained the CCNA Cisco Certification.

So keep those in mind, and take advantage of the next couple of weeks if you can.