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Unitek Education Instructor Wins Cisco Excellence Award

Congratulations to Unitek Education instructor David Morgan for winning the 2016 Cisco “Routing and Switching” Instruction Excellence Award! This award recognizes outstanding instructors who go above and beyond to create an effective and impactful educational program; tapping into their own technical expertise to develop a high quality training experience. And it’s not the first time […]

Protect Yourself Against Online Extortion and Blackmail

In today’s highly interconnected world, dangers of extortion, blackmail, and various scams affect absolutely everyone. Just recently, we have seen a steep rise in a class of Trojans called ransomware. This malicious software often poses as a regular email attachment, which seems to be sent by a reputable company. However, when downloaded, this file quickly […]

Sysadmin, Network Admin? Meet the Cloud Admin

Traditional IT roles mutate as boundaries expand Once, the territory that belonged to system administrators and network administrators was neatly delineated, writes Lawrence Garvin in NetworkComputing.com. But the rise of cloud computing and software-defined infrastructure has blurred traditional boundaries; soon, Garvin says, “we’ll all just be known as ‘cloud administrators,’ with no real distinction between […]

How Citrix Fits into Hybrid Cloud

How Citrix Fits into Hybrid Cloud Citrix executive defines user-centric vision Appearing on SiliconANGLE TV, Morgan Gerhart, senior director of products for Citrix’s cloud and networking business,  offered his thoughts on where Citrix fits in the emerging hybrid cloud environment. “What we try to do at Citrix is make the deployment and configuration of our […]

IT Hiring Is Up; 10 Hottest Skills for 2015

IT Hiring Is Up; 10 Hottest Skills for 2015 Tech support, programming high on list          “November was a good month for hiring in general and IT hiring in particular,” writes Patrick Thibodeau on computerworld.com. According to Foote Associates, an IT labor analyst and research firm, IT added 17,300 jobs in November, […]

11 Crazy Sci-Fi Inventions that Really Exist

Robotaxis, hover boards, dog translators Truth may be stranger than fiction, but it could never compete with science fiction, right? Well, an infographic on the British website wish.co.uk begs to refute that assumption. It identifies 11 sci-fi creations that have actually come to pass in our non-fiction world. For example, Star Trek fans know the […]

49ers Use Beacons to Help Fans Find Beer

Positioning system points to other uses It’s crunch time: you’ve got precious minutes before the game resumes to find the closest restroom and premium beer stand. How do you avoid making a wrong turn and wasting time on the hunt? Visitors to Levi Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers, can now install a nifty […]

Much to Like, Dislike in Windows 10

New OS blends elements of 7 and 8 “We’re not building an incremental product,” said Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group, referring to Microsoft’s decision to skip the number 9 entirely for its latest operating system, Windows 10. But is the new OS the great leap forward the company claims it to be? […]

How the Cloud Failed Jennifer Lawrence

The lessons to be learned from security breach Celebrities including Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence and model Kate Upton learned the hard way this week that privacy is an illusion in today’s hyper-connected world. A hacker allegedly broke into the Apple iCloud backups of as many as 100 celebrities and downloaded a bevy of nude photos. […]

Government Pushes for ‘Internet of Cars’

Eyes life-saving potential of vehicle-to-vehicle networks The government believes that public safety could be much improved if communication between cars were more sophisticated than current protocols, which primarily feature the middle finger. To that end, reports Stephen Lawson on itworld.com, it is currently seeking input from industry and the public about a possible federal standard […]